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How big of a boat for cod?

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Hey guys, if you here to buy a boat to mainly go cod fishing from the cape, how much boat would you get? Thanks
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I'm not sure which "cape" you are speaking of, but here's my .02.

If you want to fish cod 24/7, with the exception of really foul weather - go with the 30 foot lobster boat. With a 22 footer you have to pick your days, and sometimes still will end up calling it off. There is "inshore" cod fishing, places that only require a 10 mile trip or less, but it's not as consistent as getting offshore. A seaworthy 30 footer will give you a much more productive season.

If you work, and only get a couple days off a week, and want to fish cod offshore 10 trips a season, a 22 footer will do you fine. It's just the weather is now going to pick your days. The upside is you have a much faster, cheaper, easier to handle boat, that is good for more than offshore.

My last .02 is, if you are mostly planning on fishing cod, there's no need for a CC. 22 ft center consoles are nice for fighting fish, but are not as seaworthy as something of equivlant size with a closed bow. If you are going to get a boat in the low 20's for primarily "offshore" runs (say about 20 miles), pleanty of people do it, but a closed bow is more suited for the job.

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Yes, I trailer and usually am coming out of salisbury or newburyport. I fish mostly stripers, but get out to Jeff's when I can. What area do you usually fish?

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