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How big of a boat for cod?

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Hey guys, if you here to buy a boat to mainly go cod fishing from the cape, how much boat would you get? Thanks
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well i disagree with everything the guy above me says,,,learn how to fish the ocean and read the weather and a 22ft center console can catch you some pretty big cod out on the stellwagen bank..i fish up here in the gulf of maine and have been since the early eighties..the fishing was great, then bad, but now nmfs strict regs has brought the haddock back,and some very big cod once again can be jigged up on jeffries has been closed for a while now,,but you can even catch big cod closer to shore than before i own a 30ft now but i still check the bouy reports read what there saying and use common sense
i wasnt advocating a 22ft just trying to make a point that you can fish offshore with a 22ft cc,if you pick your days,,off course a 31 ft jc would be my top choice,,so if you are rich buy it and buy me one two.. couple of more months and we are back in the ocean......leaky rivot you fish the gulf of maine????
i have my boat on a mooring at great bay marina go out from there,it goes on may 1st,,i fish at jeffries ledge recreational,but also have a rod and reel permit and will fish closer when it opens july 1st..i fish mainly for cod,haddock,etc,,lots of people in that crazy newburyport river..


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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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