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How am I doing so far... give it up!

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Hellow fellow fishers,

Today marks my 1week with the Noreast team? Just curious, how am I doing so far? Does this meet your expectations?

What would you like to see more of?

Good or Bad... Cough it up and give it to me?! :)

?Crazy? Alberto
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Al you're doing great. You have a wealth of information that you freely share and a genuine interest in trying to help others become better fishermen(women). Noreast is extremely lucky to have you on board.
All you have to do now is just post the exact locations of WHERE you fish ;) Just kidding!!!
Can't wait till we wet some lines together again:)

Remember, ya gotta hook 'em to cook 'em.

got tog?

Bergalls have feelings too...
I think you need to devote a lot more time. so stop fishing every nite and day and do your duty!!!!
seriously tho your doin fine.
i gotta couple questions for ya i am savin for the winter when it is slow fishin for the "normal" people like me...
might be seein you some time from now til the weekend i will let you know!!
Looks good Alberto. I will check this site regularly. Two thumbs up!
You da man Al. Keep it up and let's go wet a line soon, okay! I'll tell the boys to come read your forum and by next year they'll be fishing circles around us buddy!
It takes more than a week to build a house Al, but it is looking good!
This will be a site to visit daily.
Best wishes!
Alberto your're doin great, it is a little past you 1 week mark. But I think you are still doing good.
Good job, keep up the good work

Have fun Fishing,
SeaShark(Chris Ranieri)

[email protected]
Hi Crazy, What dates are the NYSF forum on this year. Thanks

This years event (Freeport Show) will be held on Feb 15th - 17th. :)

"Crazy" Alberto

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
This is my first post so I can't really say what kind of a job your doing but it sure looks good! ;)
One comment I do have is the layout of the message board, it seems to take a long time for the topics & discussion to load. Anyone else having this problem, maybe its the program set up?
Crazy Al:

Though I have been fishing for several years, I'm new to concentrating solely on Stripers. Once I caught my first LARGE last year, I became hooked...borderline compulsive.

Your input on varying topics has been excellent. I have learned a ton in the past month from reading your replies.

I also appreciate that you take the time to answer every question.

Keep up the good work!

Al,Great Job,and we are actually talking "FISHING".
Crazy Al, you have been great. I have gained so much useful information. Keep it up.
Congratulations!!! Great job to date and wishing you many more sucessful weeks.

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ha al so far your keeping the board lit up an that means your doing something good. truely your crazy. al
Hi Al,
I really feel a great deal of pleasure in knowing that when I have a fishing question or problem, I can turn to a guy with your experience to answer it. You are doing great and thank you!!!
Crazy Alberto,

Your postings are always posetive and promote good fishing, your knowledge, and advice is appreciated by everyone.

Thank you
Congrats on a fine job. I enjoy reading the posts and your replies. Keep up the good work! By the way, we have a mutual friend in the other Al (the Rod Prof). It's surprising we haven't run into each other, since the Prof (& Lorry too) are always talkin' to me about you. If you're at the Freeport Show on Sat. the 16th at noontime, don't be shy....come say hello when I present a talk on Fishing in Alaska. Hope to catch up with you.

Capt. Jerry
Hello Folks,

Thank you so much for the encouragement! :)

For me? most importantly is to share as much fishing information so we all can enjoy (and promote) this sport to the max. Also ? I encourange you all to take the time to teach others (especially the little ones) and let them be hooked on fishing! This is a fun sport where it is not discrimitory and healthy to all walks of life.

With that in mind? feel free to post any fishing related questions you might have and I also encourage you all to participate so we can learn from each other.

Tight Lines and fish hard!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]

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