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Looks like this could be the second year in a row I have to rely on a hand-held. Any ideas as to why the following occurs. On my dash of my '99 Sea Pro 180DC I have a horn button, along with rocker switches for bilge pump lights etc. Horn stopped working in '01. Fuze seems OK, but I thought the wires to the horn (which blows loudly if dismounted and connected to a car battery) were too short (they barely made it to the bayonet lugs on the horn) so I spliced in an extra 8" on both wires. Sunday the horn gave a little toot, than just a click, than nothing. Should I just start replacing the horn button, fuze, etc. or is this a common occurence with a common usual problem? I am obviously not Mr Fixit, especially with electrical, but any thoughts?
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Boo Lean? Is that a diet Drink for a Ghost?

Nasty old wires.

Just rip out the old wires and go buy a new horn and new pushbutton & new wires. You can use 16 AWG Speaker wire because it is pre tinned and will cost you more but hey its a boat and its worth it.

It is best to solder all connections and then seal them with Silicon and then slide heat shrink tubing over the joint to make it look nice. However if you have not experianced the joy of dripping hot solder on your bare feet on a rocking boat, well this is the time to learn.

Remember to buy the Biggest Loudest horn that is available. It may seem load in your driveway or marina but out on the deep blue sea you will sound not so large.

Remember: In a thick fog, What would you avoid a little toot toot or a horn that sounded like the Queen Mary.

Give a Hoot, Dont Pollute


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