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Looks like this could be the second year in a row I have to rely on a hand-held. Any ideas as to why the following occurs. On my dash of my '99 Sea Pro 180DC I have a horn button, along with rocker switches for bilge pump lights etc. Horn stopped working in '01. Fuze seems OK, but I thought the wires to the horn (which blows loudly if dismounted and connected to a car battery) were too short (they barely made it to the bayonet lugs on the horn) so I spliced in an extra 8" on both wires. Sunday the horn gave a little toot, than just a click, than nothing. Should I just start replacing the horn button, fuze, etc. or is this a common occurence with a common usual problem? I am obviously not Mr Fixit, especially with electrical, but any thoughts?
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That sounds like a current restriction - that could be caused by corrosion on the button contacts - or resistance in the wire itself, caused by corrosion or a bad connection. If you are unfamiliar with electrical work, let a pro look at it.
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