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Looks like this could be the second year in a row I have to rely on a hand-held. Any ideas as to why the following occurs. On my dash of my '99 Sea Pro 180DC I have a horn button, along with rocker switches for bilge pump lights etc. Horn stopped working in '01. Fuze seems OK, but I thought the wires to the horn (which blows loudly if dismounted and connected to a car battery) were too short (they barely made it to the bayonet lugs on the horn) so I spliced in an extra 8" on both wires. Sunday the horn gave a little toot, than just a click, than nothing. Should I just start replacing the horn button, fuze, etc. or is this a common occurence with a common usual problem? I am obviously not Mr Fixit, especially with electrical, but any thoughts?
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I would suggest you get yourself an inexpensive VOLT OHM METER and keep it on the boat. Less then $20. The button is a switch and since it works off the boat it's probably OK. Coming up to the button should be a hot wire. Put the VOM on 12 DC volts and touch both of the leads. If you get nothing, Put your BLK vom lead on a ground on your distribution panal. If one of the wires shows 12 V you have your hot lead and the problem is in your ground. Rewire the other lead. If neither wire shows 12V your not getting any juice. Go back to the distribution panel and pick up a new hot lead. Make sure it's fused. Most of the time these"opens" are caused by corrosion on one of the connectors or possibly a loose coonector. Bad groung connections are the most common on cars as well.
Good luck and let me know how you make out.
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