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Hi Al...
When we where talking at the end of the night about bass and the type of hooks you where using for them you recommended an Eagle Claw. What size and series? I usually use 6/0 for bellies and a 3/0 for ells. What about chuncking and Live Lining?

Also I tie a lot of my own fluke rigs sometimes using a 2 hook rig. I usually use Gama 5/0 0r 6/0 for the bottom hook and maybe a 3/0 for the B-52 about 10-12 inches above the other hook. All Gama's I use are in the octupus series.

What would you recommend in the Eagle Claw series. I like the Gama but there are getting a little high in price.

With the show coming up this weekend I by them in the 100 pack and then split it up between 2 or 3 guys so we all have an aresenal of hooks at a rerasonable price.:)

Sorry for all the questions but as we all where a little tired from the bash I just want ot firm up what I will be shopping for.

Thanks in adavance,


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Baywatch posted: What about chunking and Live Lining?

Hey Bill,

I am still recuperating from the bash. :)
Those are great hook questions and your timing couldn't been better! Thanks for the reminder, cause it's time for me to start replenishing my hook inventory too.

OK, I like the Eagle Claws hooks (L118MG- Laser & L113MG) but when I know that I will be targeting "the" fish… I will give her the best hooks that I've got… and that is the Gamakatsu hooks! ;)

If I am to chunk.. I generally use the closed eye Siwash Hooks! Hook size is determined by the type of chunk (Herring, bunker, shad, mackerel) I am using on that day. Live Lining hooks: Now this may sound weird to you but for me, the hook size varies by the type of live bait I use… We have snapper, scup, kingfish, flounder, shad, herring, and bergal and any other small live critters that swim around. Also, please note that there is a size limit & possession limit for specific baitfish … so adhere to it accordingly! In general I like the tin plated color "live bait hook" models instead of the black. I feel that at times the black hook tends to alarm the fish, whereas the tin color tends to blend in with the fish better!

As for eels slinging, I like the black 4xStrong Octopus and the standard Octopus hooks. The 4xStrong are for deep drop off…. And the standard is for open beaches.

Hope this helps and thanks for the reminder again! :)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]

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