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Hi Gil,
This is a great idea to start thinking about fine-tuning your lures! As the season picks up… You want to be ready and not worry about a faulty split ring or a rusty hook that could potentially cost you a lifetime fish.

Since you want to "fortify" your extensive lure collection… You have the following options…
Use a stronger (Stainless Steel / forged, double extra strong MUSTAD - Double O'Shaughnessy) hooks,
Use a Sharper (Gamakatsu Treble / 4x Strong) = hooks…
Use a Reliable Standard 3x Mustad-Treble) hooks…

As far as the split rings are concerned… you can't go wrong with the "stainless" steel brands! Just make sure to use a quality split ring plier otherwise you will destroy your nails once you are done.

You have an extensive list (tins, poppers, swimmers, surface cruisers) which will take too long to post the "exact" sizes. Also, each size will vary if you wish to "modify" or be "creative" with the lures (which I do)… you can either increasing -or- decreasing the hook size to create a different type of action. Example: At times I switch my popper's rear hook to a single wide gap hooks (provides wider action and easier to unhook fish). Some metal lip swimmers, I switch to the double hook (for larger fish) but sacrificing the action of the lure. At times, I also switch the front hook (larger size) for a better hook bite….and so forth. ;)

Also, this will take a day's work to complete this worthy choir! It's also a good idea to take the lures to a reputable local tackle shop and spend the time to match the exact hook size (because each model size is slightly different).

Hope this helps and thank you for posting an excellent question!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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