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Hello Noreast Anglers

Some time ago I posted this video in the General Fishing Forum but I a received a recommendation to do it in this one, to have the chance for sharing experience with other Lure builders.

Let me give you a quick brief about this first video. This is a How To Do video where I show to do my Prototype of my last homemade lures.

I invite you to see my Attila Fat Minnow "S" …. "S" because it has a sinking action… It is a lure made 100% from zero. It is made of Balsa wood and I thought to designed it with the purpose for spinning fishing in salty and freshwater shores.

This is Part 1 and contains a quick summary of main steps that I followed to do the wooden body. The materials I used are:
- 4mm x 20mm x 120mm Balsa wood
- 1mm diameter x 210mm Stainless Steel wire
- 2.5mm x 30mm Diameter Lead wire
- Epoxy Resine
- Super Glue
- Wood Cement
- ¼" Balls bearing (stainless)
- 5mm Strong Magnet
- 60mm Strip Aluminium (made from soda cans)
- 2mm Transparent Polycarbonate for lips

I hope you like this video, thank you for watching and please give me your comments.

Also, I am posting Part 2. To finish, please give me a LIKE after watching the video.

Have a safe fishing…

Here is the Youtube link to see Part 1:

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Hello Jerry

Thank you very much indeed !!! ... Now I am working in Attila Minnow Version 2... It will be longer, about 6.5", and a little thinner than Version 1.

Also, but I need time, I have material to prepare more videos with other Attila Fat Minnow that I have been completed in the last days... they really look awsome and I have test them in my pool and they swim very well. Actually, they look like a Bad Boy because their eyes....

Thank you again and let me know whether you have any question for me...

Have a safe fishing, Antonio

Thanks for posting these, Antonio...I'll pin them as "stickies" after they've been up a while...
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