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Hello again Noreast friends

To complete the idea here it is PART 2. In this way I can receive feedback and tips from you for both Parts.... Part 1 when preparing the bodey, and this Part 2 finishing the Attila Fat Minnow.

In Part 2, you will see the main steps to complete and finish the Attila Fat Minnow, and have it ready for action. In advance, following what you will see:
- Details for the lure's head
- Details for the lure's body
- Use of holograms foil and aluminium
- Airbrush painting
- An idea to use in a different way the 3D eyes
- Epoxy coats, hooks setup, and some swimming tests

I hope you like the video, and please send me your comments and recommendations for improve it.

Have a safe fishing, best regards, Antonio

Here is the link to the video PART 2
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