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Last year, Santa finally whispered in my wife?s ear and I got a Diawa SVH30 highspeed conventional reel. I love this reel, I use it for bassing and cod. Nice smooth drag. I hope Santa is in the neighborhood this year to provide hints. I would rather be a well equipped when I go fishing than well dressed at work.

Here?s an Idea. How about N?east start an email campaign were fisherman/subscribers create their own wish list and provide their wife?s/girfriend?s email address. Then N?East sends an email to the wives/girlfriends all prettied up and list all of their sponsor tackle shop locations. Kind of an end around approach to getting what you want for Christmas. Hopefully you can drive traffic into the tackle shops (as opposed to the big retailers who are never any help to directing your wife as to what you really want)! Just a though.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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