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Holiday Goodies

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Hiya Folks,

As the holidays are near, what are some ?Fishing? holiday?s goodies we wish to give and receive?

Santa might be watching, so what?s in your wish list? It could be small or very elaborate?

I know I could use a few more hooks, lures, books, video, etc?. and by the way, no more Billy the Singing Bass....;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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A real wood lathe (Delta Midi) + tools. Got that.
A vacuum sealer for fish (you know the one from the infomercial)
A new hat.
Everything else I can buy myself, with no screw ups from family members. "I knew you'd like this. The guy at Sports Authhority told me the Corsair and the Calcutta are the same reel. The difference in price is due to teh different color of teh reels. Get the Corsair, he'll love it" Barf.
All I want is a new custom blackfish rod (Calstar composite blank preferrably). I am still using a Seeker production rod, which is "okay", but it is my last production rod and it needs to be put to sleep.

Now if I want to get a little greedy, I would also like to trade one of my 706's in for a VS and also couple of new Progears wouldn't hurt. That's right, I said Progears--In spite of other opinions, I love em. Oh yes, would somebody please give me more time to go fishing. I used to fish 250 or more days a year and now I am lucky to get 20 or 25 days in.

On my list:

An all-titanium Charlton 8600 with offshore spool.

That's only a cool $10K!
Don't mention Charlton's please.

Gama - what Calstar are you looking to have wrapped for Blackfish? I have a 700XL, an L, and am building an M for someone. I love these blanks, and they double really well for jigging Bass/Blues.
Billy, I believe the blank that I want is an 800XL, but I can't be positive until I actually see them again which will be in January. None of the local shops around me stock them so, I have to wait until I go to Florida. There is shop down there that has a plethora of blanks that I can "fondle" and I usually end up buying one (or two). Like you, I love Calstar blanks and IMO they are the best blanks in their price line.

Gama - I know you are going to pull on all the blanks, but I'll add my opinion anyway. The XL has a very soft tip (the 700XL that is) and is comfortably handles abot 8-10oz. 10oz is pushing it. Check on the L - (the 700L) will handle up to 16oz, and it makes the perfect 4oz diamond jigging rod.

Too bad we didn't meet on the boat at the Fling - I had both these rods as well as a Lami CGBT781M, which is an absolute beast of a rod and excells in deeper water strong currents. There is a Calstar dealer in Long Island, Wantagh right around the corner from Causeway B&T.
I think the new truck is going to mean the other stockings have a major hole in the toe this year :)

Growing kids need more space---what can ya do?
Well the holidays usually start early for me, my birthdays a week before Christmas so I already got some stuff...A new Tica Pisces (my wife found it from a local shop with a little coaching)and my 7 yr old went with her a picked out a bunch of 6"shad bodies........For Christmas maybe a new bronco pullover some beachmaster metal lips or darters(if she finds those I might have to come up with some diamond earings)some more 30lb whiplash (I do believe in Santa)and maybe a present to myself a new rod for the reel I just got....any suggestions C/A I`ll prob. use it to Jig and eel from the rocks........Happy Holidays..............John
Wow?. Santa says that some of you guys are practical and some have very, VERY expensive taste! ;)

Bassturd666 - I have a few Charlton... but nothing like the kind you like! :)

Billy40 - Sports Authority eh? Hmmmm....

Gamakatsu - I have to agree with you pal. The Calstar blanks are sweet! BTW: If you find a few... please let me know.

MikeP - Pssst. Go for a bigger truck and worry about it later. ;)

JohnnySI - First of all... I like to wish you Happy Birthday! From the looks of things, Santa already made your drop. As for the rod suggestion, do you have a conventional or spinning reel for that mystery (jig & eel) rod?

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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Good thing I got that new XRA 1204 before the bride decided we needed a bigger vehicle, huh? :)

No more red Jeep sticking out like a Sore Thumb at some of those tight spots, huh?
Hmmm,another 132-1M casting rod,and a reel to match of course!
I wish i never test cast that Loomis/GLX 12wt. fly rod,I know santa has no room on his sleigh for that stick.. :( 12" herring flys,YEEAAHH!
Last year, Santa finally whispered in my wife?s ear and I got a Diawa SVH30 highspeed conventional reel. I love this reel, I use it for bassing and cod. Nice smooth drag. I hope Santa is in the neighborhood this year to provide hints. I would rather be a well equipped when I go fishing than well dressed at work.

Here?s an Idea. How about N?east start an email campaign were fisherman/subscribers create their own wish list and provide their wife?s/girfriend?s email address. Then N?East sends an email to the wives/girlfriends all prettied up and list all of their sponsor tackle shop locations. Kind of an end around approach to getting what you want for Christmas. Hopefully you can drive traffic into the tackle shops (as opposed to the big retailers who are never any help to directing your wife as to what you really want)! Just a though.
Al its a rod for the new Tica Pisces(conv.) I got from Wifey......Ho Ho HO..........John

Recently heard that a new software package will be available for designing butt wraps. That would fit in my stacking. Bah Humbug, it won't be available till March 2002.

A new tool has been designed for laying out guides. That won't be available till next year also.

Oh well, maybe for Easter ..........

Capt Neil

Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
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