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Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Interesting!!!!

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I know guys here are running them and I see more and more of them on the beach but here is an interesting item that sort of amazed me. Toyota has contributed $20million to the Audubon Society. WHAT???

Toyota Donation

The Audubon Society is listed as one of the Organizations suing the National Park Service to stop ORV access on the Outer Banks National Seashore.

Seems to me as though Toyota needs to hire some NEW market researchers as it does not seem to be in their best interest to contribute to groups who want to block access to areas that Toyota products are used in.

Is it me??? What do you guys think ?? I like to hear what the Toyota owners out there think.
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strange bedfellows.......

Even the high 6 digit marketing guys and the megabuck PR firms can get distracted and have a brain cramp. They probably were spending too much time on internet fishing sites instead of working

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A precedent has been set at the Federal level. Look out FINS. Next, they will take it to the State level. And after all is said and done, the scavenger species will thank the Audubon Society for an endless supply of fresh eggs and nice plump baby chicks.

I'm fishing the open beach west of Smiths point one night. I decide to keep one for the table. I leave it high on the beach while I work my way to the end of the bar and back. Every time I turn around one of the two foxes that popped up out of nowhere are trying to make off with my fish. What chance do piping plover chicks have? If I'm fishing eels, I constantly have to run off the racoons that keep knocking my eel bucket over. What chance do piping plover chicks have?

By the way, I do not advocate the extinction of any species, but where the piping plover is concerned, the math does not support successful recovery. These kinds of draconian measures may postpone the inevitable for what amounts to a millisecond in natural history, but that is the best they can hope for.

If you haven't already, it's time to join one or more of your local organizations that are involved in protecting access in your area.

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