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Hilton Head SC

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Heading down for a week with the parents. Anybody know about the fishing down there right now. I can't see playing golf everyday.
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Hilton Head fishing

First of all will you have access to a boat? Lots of GREAT fishing in the area from fluke to tarpon. Fluke regs are much better in SC (14" min and 20 per day). Most common species fished for are Speckled Sea Trout (cousin of the weakfish), Redfish (Spot-tail Bass, Red Drum, Channel Bass) which are slot fished (13-23" and 2 per day), fluke, sheepshead, Spadefish and sharks (Bonnethead, Blacktip, Spinner & Bull). There are also Spanish & King Mackeral to be had in the channels. Best baits to use are live shrimp and finger mullet on a popper rig. I sure do miss SC fishing - was staioned in Charleston for 11 years while in the Navy. See the following link for additional info:

Hope this helps - wish I was going in your place!
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