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I am making an offshore sea bass trip next week and I need to match up my 8' stick with a compatible reel. Sizewise, the Newell 533 is a perfect match, and it is well balanced weightwise. Also it is a fast 5.5:1 gear ratio. However, some guys tell me to go with the Senator 113H, which is considerably slower at 3.3:1 or so, but it has alot of torque and cranking power. Is it more advantageous to go with speed or torque in the deeper water? I am hoping to get some feedback from you guys who have made these trips, and get some experienced opinions. Thanks and tight lines!!
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Newell reels

I agree the 500 series Newell is far to big for your seabass trip. I recommend the Newell 332. It will hold 320 yards of backing with a top shot of Fireline. I have the Newells in both 5:1 and the 3.3:1. Dollar for dollar I like the cranking power of the 3.3:1. With the high speed reels there are time when it is hard to get a big fish moving. The only real advantage to the 5:1 is getting up quick to rebait or remove a small fish.
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