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I am making an offshore sea bass trip next week and I need to match up my 8' stick with a compatible reel. Sizewise, the Newell 533 is a perfect match, and it is well balanced weightwise. Also it is a fast 5.5:1 gear ratio. However, some guys tell me to go with the Senator 113H, which is considerably slower at 3.3:1 or so, but it has alot of torque and cranking power. Is it more advantageous to go with speed or torque in the deeper water? I am hoping to get some feedback from you guys who have made these trips, and get some experienced opinions. Thanks and tight lines!!
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If you Haven't Bought It Yet

If you haven't bought it yet why not split the difference between the two and look at one of the Newell's from 300 series up with the 4.6:1 gearing.

If you already own the reels you mentioned - bring both.
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