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just a word to the wise, there is a limit of 5 hickory shad/angler/day.

i don't know if enforcing this limit is much of a priority for the dec, but then again most knowledgeable anglers obey the regulations voluntarily.

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Shad isnt even listed on my Nassau co. Nautical chart , Boater saftey tips & DEC Rec. fishing guidelines.

Its sent to me yearly from { return address } Nassau Police Dept. Mineola NY
I bet everyone knows the one, the black & white charts
This is what they list I wont give the size because this chart isnt current.
Winter flounder
Atlantic Cod
Striped bass
Spanish mackerel
black sea bass
NO SHAD......?
I never kept more then 3 of those fish and I'm not trying to start anything here but ....
How could they ticket you for taking too many Shad when they dont list it on the guidlines sent to us by the police dept.
I was told from an old timer @ my marina who asked me to bring him any shad as he loves to eat them that there was NO Limit on Shad, this guys been in the game for most of his 80 yrs.
I thought it was like Boston Mackerel where you can load up on them if you desire.
This is the first Ive heard of a limit, I'm not really disagreeing , Just making the point they should LIST IT ON THE DEC INFO SENT TO US WITH THE OTHER FISH!!
Is there a GOV. Website that has this " SHAD LIMIT" listed ?
thanks, Alan

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Alan, this site lists the limits for both species of shad, or you could you check out the DEC regs. Your publication is put out by a county agency not the DEC so they probably can't be held responsible for not listing all of the species.

Good luck out there.


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how american shad won the war for the colonists.

heard the ending of an interesting story on infisherman tv today on tnn.

at some critical point at winter's end in the revolutionary war, general washington's troops were out of supplies and were scavenging the countryside for food to survive.

then like some kind of miracle, thousands of american shad came migrating up the river (delaware?).

washington broke out the sabiki rigs and the rest is history.
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