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Help with making a mold?

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Ok so i want to make a mold. I have the basics down....

Make a mold box, put subject in mold box...pour solution, acrylic, RTV etc...

My question is that what i want to do is take the object and make a mold of just the outside of it is just a 'shell' of the original piece and hollow completely inside....kinds of like an armor that would fit perfectly over the original piece.

The end result would be that the original piece would fit perfectly inside the relplica piece that i want to create.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Thanks Guys.


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Dave thanks for the response. I am trying to visulaize this...

Basically in the above scenario you described i have two equal mold halves...when put together there is a hollow space on the inside that looks like the original piece....

Than I fill it with the agent.

Wouldn't this give me a solid object on the inside when it cures and i take both mold halves off?

new to this so sorry if i am wrong just trying to understand.


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Mike, Lets say it was a Pencil.

In a hypothetical scenario...I would take clay...and shape it around the pencil maybe 1/2 centimeter thick but would not cover the eraser end.

I would coat the pencil with a release agent...let the clay harden...than slide the clay shell off the pencil.....

I now would have an exterior shell of the pencil..that any other pencil could fit in.

In real life application the agent would either be some sort of liquid metal or acrylic plastic

Hope that explains what i am looking to do a little better

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bump...little help please

wow...not one lounge lizard/piker can/will help me out with manufacturing a new innovative lure design??...

as you were folks
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