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Hey guys,

Someone just gave me a couple of packages of 2/0 hooks. One package is Mustad # S71SSS O'Shaughnessy - stainless steel-1X long & 2X heavy with a straight eye and the other package is Mustad 3407DT. The person that gave them to me said his father tied his own rigs but wasn't sure what type of fish he targeted or what type of rig he tied (sad to say my, friend doesn't fish and his dad is no longer around). Looking at these hooks I'm not too sure myself what fish to use these on. I'm thinking maybe I can tie some hair or feathers on these make up some teasers for fluke, but the hook looks a little to small. Are these better suited for blackfish and sea bass?

Any help will be greatly appreciated .................. Joe
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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