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Help with Boat/motor info

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I was hoping someone could help me with some info.
I have a 1984 22 ft Starcraft Aluminum center console with a 1984 150 hp Mercury Blackmax outboard. I've had it for about 5-6 years, and have only used it for fluke, flounder, and stripers. I want to go out for blacks, ling, maybe even a little inshore shark/tuna...whatever. I can't find any specs on the boat or motor, as to fuel tank size, and motor fuel consumtion. I've never had the tank empty enough to see how much fuel it holds when I refill it. I've "guess"timated my fuel consumption by having the tank full, and seeing how many gallons it takes to fill it up after a day on the water, and then compare that to my estimated driven miles. I think it's about 1.5 mpg or so. Is this correct, or does anybody have any idea what an 84 150hp blackmax drinks? Also, does anybody have any idea of the tank capacity on this boat?

Thanks & tight lines,

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I have a catalog from starcraft from 1980 and it shows the 22 footer has a 50 gallon tank.I have an older 18 foot starcraft center console and have fished it on the north shore for many years.Can't help with fuel consumption as I only have a 65HP on mine.
Depends on how your running her .... wide open or close to it and you should see 1-1.5 gph ... pull back on the throttle and cruise at 4000rpm's or so and you should see 2.5 - 3gph. I get 2.5gph cruising at 4000rpms's with my 225hp carb'd evinrude.
Is that gallons per hour or should it be miles per gallon?1.5 gph at full seems low
bobfish ... sorry your right .... i meant mpg ...
I have a 1988 Starcraft Mariner 210 center console boat that I'm re-doing. I pulled the tank the other day and it said the capacity was 20gal. The tank was made by Buechler and Sons. Oh, does anyone know of a good poly replacement tank?
The tank on my boat is different than yours. I know mine holds more than 20 gallons, because I could tell when it was time to open my wallet at the

As to the tank you are looking for, are you asking for what Brand is good, or who carries them?

I have a 89 s/c Starcraft with a 70Hp Yamaha. It has an 18 gal. tank. I know because I wanted to replace the tank and ripped the floor out. You don't want to do that. Left the tank in after I drained it and replaced the floor. I think your boat is seriously overpowered with a light weight aluminum hull. Forget about the mpg's. It would probably run for a few trips without refueling. I always top off the tank when i take it out from the ramp. Thats the problem. The "tin" boats don't use that much fuel and there is always some crud and water leftover. Drain the tank at the end of the year, refill it, add the stabilizer and have a good trip in the spring.
dallen, both tempo and todd make permanent poly tanks that can be installed permanently under a floor.Might give the nod to tempo.Your 21 footer is much different than the 22 footer.I am buying a 22 mariner and it makes my present 18 mariner look tiny. 21 is rated to 150HP and 22 is rated for 240HP. I wouldnt want to ride in one with max HP on it but it would fly!
After having the 80hp Merc bog down half a dozen times last year (blow out the fuel filter and all's ok) and with finding the corrosion around all the fittings of the tank, I'd be happy with any Poly tank that would fit. I'd love to extend my range with a larger tank but the stringers won't stand for it. The max dimensions for any replacement v-style tank are 26W x 47L x 7 1/2H including fill necks. I've looked at Tempo but no good fits so far. No luck at three different marinas either and the Moeller web site is offline. Todd who?..I haven't heard of them.
Oh yea, dallen is now dallenx.

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dallenx-todd is sold through west marine.That 7 1/2 inch height is tough to fit.West shows an aluminum 18 gallon that is only 7 inches high for $185. What condition was the floor of your boat?Was it marine plywood with vinyl over it and was it screwed down or riveted?
dallenx-looked in cabelas catalog and moeller makes a poly tank,25 gallons,model 950 that looks good.18W x 47L x7.5H for $120 plus install kit and holddowns .
I have a 94 Black Max that pushes a Robalo 1820 (a beefy boat for an 18'). My consumption ranges between 2.8-3.4 mpg depending on conditions
Bobfish: I looked at the Moeller tank but it doesn't say if it's a box style or a v-style. I'm trying to find something like the Tempo TP29. The floor was the original 7-ply(?) 3/4" marine plywood, riveted to the stringers then the grey vinyl floor was glued in place. The floor crumbled in my hands when I pulled it up. The worst damage was to the right/left of the center console bait well, just under the kick boards. Thanks for the help.
oh man, we really do need a "tin" boat forum.

Tin boat forum sounds like a good idea.I think you either love them or hate them but it seems everyone either owns,fished from, or had a 12 foot tin boat at some point in time! Can't beat them for knocking around the rocks.
I measured the boat again and it's at 21'6" so does that make it a 22footer? I also figured the mileage out to be 1.5mpg at full throttle on the '88 Merc 80hp. You're right, I'd rather have a 'tin' boat almost anyday, especially when you have to run up on the rocks to find the nearest tree, er..I mean restroom. I talked to Tempo and they can't help. I talked to Overton's who deal with Moeller and they said that once in a while they can get a special tank made and that they'd look into it and let me know. Heck, I even talked to a place called INCA but they only do wholesale. I talked to STARCRAFT and was directed to their Tech Support but then they never called back. Is there a way to save an aluminum tank? How about that forum?

i recommend that you do a noreast search under fuel tanks going back 4-6 months. there have been some informative discussions that you may find helpful.

you said you had bad corrosion around the fittings on your aluminum tank. what are your fittings made of?

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