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help please

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Can anyone give some helpful advice on Shark fishing? Fairly new to the sport, and having no luck. We've chartered boats and watched videos and read books on Shark fishing but arent catching anything! We do the 3 riggs @ 30, 60, and 90ft. Caught 1 blue shark last year, this year nothing in 4 trips.
Is it possible the chum we are using is no good(not foul smelling) like the chum on charter boats? Or is it location? On 7/28 went to 25 fatom line, 40.29---x72.00--- fished 7 hours, no bites. On 6/30 went to the Virginia wreck, caught some bluefish only. Is ther something we are doing wrong or missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. "It's Electric"
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Just change baits often and put in your time.
Chum...And they will come.
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