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help please

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Can anyone give some helpful advice on Shark fishing? Fairly new to the sport, and having no luck. We've chartered boats and watched videos and read books on Shark fishing but arent catching anything! We do the 3 riggs @ 30, 60, and 90ft. Caught 1 blue shark last year, this year nothing in 4 trips.
Is it possible the chum we are using is no good(not foul smelling) like the chum on charter boats? Or is it location? On 7/28 went to 25 fatom line, 40.29---x72.00--- fished 7 hours, no bites. On 6/30 went to the Virginia wreck, caught some bluefish only. Is ther something we are doing wrong or missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. "It's Electric"
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Don't get discouraged

If you go by the articles in fishing magazines, you'll always feel inadequate.

Shark fishing is not rocket science. Find structure and temperature, put baits out at different depths, and chum.
If you like you can supplement with toys such as rattles, mako magnets, skirts, and anything else your friendly tackle shop will be glad to sell you.

Bottom line, sit back and relax, and eventually the fish will come. If they don't, one of the conditions wasn't quite right.

This year, no one is knocking them dead. Sure, there are always the articles on the few lucky boats, but in general, it's been a bad year.

I've been lucky, and my freezer has enough mako and yellowfin to hold me until September, but it's just been a case of right place, right time.

Your time will come.

Be patient, and the fish will come.
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