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My brother and I have made the drive from Long Island (Plainview/Levittown) a few times. It takes about 5 hours. We usually leave 9pm the night before and we take turns driving. Usually get there around 2 am. This boat does not let you on early so it doesn't make sense to try to get there early. The office opens around 3am and then they start letting people on-board, in the order they reserved the trip, around 3:30am. It sails at 4am. The boat is fast, clean and comfortable. The capt and crew are really good.

Bring a sleeping bag and pillow. They have bunks both in the galley and down below.

Bring a nice size cooler and ice. We usually bring 2 - 150 qt coolers.

As for tackle, bring any sturdy 8' rod that can easily cast a 14-20 oz jig. As for reels, you'll need one that can cast, have a medium to quick retrieve and hold 2-3 hundred yrds of 40-50lb test line. I mentioned casting b/c if this is a jigging trip, you'll need to cast into the tide and squid it back. This method is very deadly. I use Daiwa 50h's. The boat rents out the new Pro-Gear reels which are great for jigging. Newells are good reels too.

As for rigs. We use about 4 -5 feet of 80lb test flourocarbon leader tied with a barrel swivel on end (to the main line) and a loop on the bottom for the jig. Tie a dropper loop about 3 feet above the jig. This is where you put your teaser. We use the tried and true bubble gum pink jelly worms with a 14 - 16 oz jig on the bottom. We either put a B-2 pink squid on the bottom or another pink jelly worm. Cast this rig out, let it hit bottom, and slowly retrieve it back. When it gets close to the boat, reel up 5 or 6 turns off the bottom and let it drop straight back down. The cod usually hit it on the drop. When the line starts going under the boat, reel it up, cast out as far as you can and do it all over again. It's a lot or work, but fun!

Also highly recommend a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken located in town for the ride back to NY!!

Good luck!

We're booked on the 2/24 wreck trip. We just had our 1/14 trip cancelled. Make sure you call the day before to see if they are sailing. They have had to cancel a ton of trips so far...

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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