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Helen-H Trip Report

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Finally got on the Helen-H after being blown 6 times. Ride out of the harbor took a little while as there is broken ice still there. After passing through the harbor it was clear and fast sailing. Fishing at the start of the day was good and steady, action on both jigs and bait. As the day progressed the action shifted to bait fishing and towards the end bait was pretty much the only way to go to catch any fish. Around 3/4 ways through the trip they ran out of BAIT and that hurt as the fish were banging on the bait. Overall I did okay with about 15 keepers, biggest around mid-twenties and second largest in the high teens. Pool fish was around 32lbs and was caught on bait. Oh yeah the weather was great! Nice to meet you Mike.
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hey ken,
sounds like it was an ok trip, at least you got out. It looks like the weather is gonna suck again this weekend, which will mean that this will be the first time i have not fished for cod in two consecutive months since february of 2001. It happens.
Talk to you later,
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