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Helen H cod fishing ...........

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I'm scheduled for a 1 day whale cod trip on the helen h next month and have only been on 1 other trip. Can you advise what tackle I should bring ? Which do they do most, jigging or bait ? Etc ? Thanks in advance........
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Wanttofish...if this is a one day whale cod trip, i would imagine that this is the standard 4am inshore trip that they run at this time of the year. The spawning cows move inshore so you should have a shot at some decent fish.

So lets look at outfits:

TWO>30-60 jigging/bait sticks 7 feet plus long, with one being for bait with a faster taper, and one slightly longer around 7'6" and up, for jigging. Shakespeare, Seeker and Loomis make off the rack sticks that fit the bill. You will be fishing in water depths from 70 to 180 feet so the rod is going to need some back bone if you get into big fish.

Reels...Pro Gear 3500 or the all aluminum framed 454. Newell 533 with 4.6 gears, Penn Senator 113H with a newell YTS kit are the standard reels for this type of fishing...A penn 225LD is a super lever drag reel for this fishing if you are tossing jigs. Diawa 300H sealine is also a workhorse that might be one of the best for this type of fishing. My good friend Johnny Versera who fishes commercially up in Hyannis uses a 300H and has caught cod over 60lbs with this reel.

Line...simple...power pro 50 or 65lb test. 80 power pro is pretty heavy and not needed here.

Jigs...angermann 10, 12, 14s should be carried as your goto jigs. Crippled herrings, bridgeports, Norweign Vike jigs all work. These fish are on the feed at this time of the year.

Hooks...gamakatsu octopus from 6/0-8/0. are all you need for bait fishing...bring 50lb test leader material and snell your own hooks on 16 inch long leaders. 60lb test should also be brought if the fish are unusually big.

Gizmos....yes, bring jelly worms, Boone and Yozuri 4 and 1/2 squids to rig on your trebles on your jigs...blues, pinks, silvers, purple and black combinations work well. Jelly worms in reds,purples, pink and even white will do the trick.

This should cover the bases...along with some heavy duty 175lb test black barrel swivels (if you do not use a albright knot to connect your spectra to your mono leader), you should be set.

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