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I have a question about the height of a person and the rod length he or she is limited to use. If I am 6' tall young man and want to buy a surf rod. What rod length should maximize my height with respect to casting out?

I recently purchased a used Surfcasting 12' Ugly Stik for $50 as a Xmas present. I checked the rod and saw no real damages or wear, just a few scratches. The guides are good. I have a 9'Surfspinning outfit and can cast out about 170 feet with a 2 oz sinker and bait.

Is a 12' rod too long for someone like my father who is 5'1"?

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Hi Bluefishmaster.

5'1" height to 12' rod. If I could only answer yes or no, I would say YES. Now we can hash it out.

Always think of leverage. Picture you and your Father casting the same rod and where the pivot point is located. You most likely have longer arms, and the reel seat can be located further up the rod. You should be able to cast that rod more easily.

12' is a long stick. If you are casting bait and only cast 4 times an hour that is one thing. But if you are casting lures and cast 30 tp 40 times and hour it might become a chore. Factor in how heavy is the rod, how strong is the angler and the height of the angler.

Many times a surf fisherman needs a long stick to get over the top of big waves.

Go down to the beach, make a few casts and I think you will find the answer.

At 6'1" you should be able to cast 10' plus rods. Again it depends on what you are casting. It is pretty much accepted that a 10' graphite will cast as far as an 11'6" fiberglass rod. Sometimes a 10' graphite can get heavy after casting all night. Many fellows like the 9" graphite when casting lighter lures.

Take care,

Capt Neil

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