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Have the boat all to you/friends-FLUKE-"ZEPHYR"-tommoroww 8til4

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We didnt sail today(pissed as ****)had to fix a small tranny prob that acted up on the way home yesterday from the lawns-Tons of action-plenty of 18in to 20in fish-arrrrrrr...Three keeprs for 4 cust.I plan to up the keepers tommorrow-No one know we are a fluke boat,so good for you-youll have the boat to yourself-need 6 men to make the trip-If someone is good as last minute organizing youll be treated to an 8am till 4pm charter like trip for a price to low to mention.Just being truthfull..The boat departs from Riverhead Town Dock-Give me a call if intrested 631-831-4992 Capt. Larry much as the boat needs some fuel cash and the mate need to get paid-I need to get my fluke fix bad-Some Giant Weakfish are showing in the area as well.In fact one of my cust. who was going to stay on for the second trip for weaks and blues yesterday decided to hit the peconic surf-disapointed that we coulnt get out(hes in the "riverhead sportsmans tourny)He ended up with a 17 plus pound yellowfin to take first in the contest-That made me happy to say the least-when I talked to him he seemed more worried if my vessel got fixed??Denis Oconner is a real man-Congrates

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