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Hi Guys, I'm not a new fly caster, have been fishing for trout 20yrs. I would like to have a salt water set up ready if I hit a school of ****tail blues or rat stripers. QUESTION-I have a South Bend Finalist model 1144 (over 20yrs. old but new) which has a 3'' diameter spool and a nylon drag. Can I use this with an inexpensive rod (maybe Cortland) in 8 or 9 wt. I was thinking a 9' rod. I don't want to get crazy with salt water fly fishing, I just want to have a usable, inexpensive setup handy!
Thanks in advance!
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hey there,
well, if your reel can hold about 100 yards of backing then by all means go out and get some 9 or 10 wt fly line.. i say 10 wt because 9 out 0f 10 times its windy on the salt , and that 10 wt helps get your flies thru the wind. now about rods.. fenwick makes some good low end rods, and they back them up in warranty(ive busted a few) also go to e bay ..there are ppl there that build rods and sell them, and there are some great ones out there..stay away from G was my biggest rod and all but broke 4 times on me..but they always replaced it well good luck
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