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Just wanted to wish those that Celebrate a Happy Easter ! :)

Viewing this video might give a different perspective about the reason why we Celebrate.

A picture speaks a thousand words..!

Maybe it will touch your hearts in a way that words lacked....and bring Enlightenment to some that might not really understand the Salvation message wether they choose to believe or not.:rolleyes:;)

It might also bring understanding of why Christians can get emotional when it comes to Jesus and what he means to them...:confused:

Have a Blessed Holiday !



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This is most holy day christians have. Christmas is about his birth, Easter is about his death and resurection. This is the basis of our faith. This is the holiest period of the year. I hope all that celebrate will remember all that this man has done for us.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter. Remember, it's not all about the bunny.

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Hello Kat & Pablo Happy Easter too the both of you and your family. May your day be a blessed day & a safe day.

Kat that was very emotional clip great find! Really speaks the truth..


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Jesus Carried a Cross...He can carry Anyone and there Burdens !

Just some more I sit here coloring Easter eggs with the Kids...........:rolleyes::)

We are in the mist of a war...we send our soldiers to protect our physical freedom........many have died so that we can be FREE...
Free to speak...Free to post own property...Free of Harm and Tyranny....

It might not make sense to some why Jesus
had to die such a death....:rolleyes:

There was 3 years of his work and message that led to that horrible event..
He openly spoke of his death before it happened to prepare his followers of what was coming so that they would know he knew but didn't run away from his conviction to save and Help mankind no matter the cost.

Our soldiers fight with the same conviction to give us Freedom....

He came to Free us from Ourselves.........;)

Jesus was NO wimp....

He won every public debate, and walked away from Mobs that tried to stone him or throw him off a cliff without one life being lost.

He was an outspoken Rebel.
He never went into hiding.

He Openly and Publicly spoke out against the Oppression of the Religious leaders of his day that kept people in fear and emotional bondage by twisting the principles of God for there own benefit.

He stood before the Political Powers and didn't speak Politically correct to save his neck or fear of Offending.

He experienced everything we do.

The Joy, hope, peace, love.........helping people, healing, feeding the hungry, He cried at the death of Lazuras and then raised Him to life.....wouldn't you like that for a Best Friend

He Watched as people had light bulb moments and understood his message of Good News that we can be free emotionally and spiritually....and the frustration of people rejecting and just not being able to comprehend the message and concepts.:(

Fear, Loneliness, Exhaustion from the demands and needs of people, wanting to walk away and hide and turn away from the endlessness of
our self imposed sufferings.
He would get disgusted and shake his head.
But never gave up.....and kept trying to make a difference.

Physical pain and beatings, humiliation, sadness, rejection.

Finally with a Broken heart.
He died of Heart failure within 3 hours on the Cross from all the physcial and emotional abuse.
That was done to him and that people have done and will do to eachother.
When the soldier pierced his heart to insure his death he was already dead as the blood and water flowed out of his stopped heart.

Our American Freedoms were paid for with Blood against evil tyranny....

Spiritual Freedom was also paid for with Blood against Spiritual Evil.

We send our American Sons to fight and die for American Freedom...

God sent His son to die for ALL of Mankinds Freedom....

Does that make more sense to some that haven't been able to understand...:rolleyes:

So whatever we go thru or are going thru....Know that he walked that same path emotionally and physically and can relate to any situation or feelings we experience...and will walk thru it with us bringing us to our own...Easter Morning...if we ask Him to show us HOW.

This is a Graphic vid but really gets my point across...

He drew a line in the sand and said NO MORE DARKNESS !

Fish and Crabby I love that Pics

If anyone has more beautiful pics like that post them



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He is Risen !

and I know she is with Him !

It has become one of the Most Relevant Easters I will experience.

As I was writing my last reply my 95 year old Grandmother passed away.
She was diagnosed with cancer in January.
She didn't complain til the end and always had a kind word and smile for all of us.

She loved Jesus with all her heart and spoke of him always and how good God had been to her :)
Easter was a very important time to her and it would be like her to choose to meet Jesus this Easter.

She was a very Blessed woman because she was a Blessing to everyone and anyone.:)
She has effected my life to the core with her unconditional love and example and I will be eternally grateful to her.

We are very close...If we both didn't have our Hope and faith the seperation would be too hard to bare as we talked these months about it.......but knowing that we will meet again brings comfort beyond words.......because I know without a Doubt........It is well with her soul,
She is at peace and where she wants to be Most....with Jesus.

Even tho' I have been crying on and off all day for losing her I feel comforted by her words to me.
And that is where the rubber meets the road this day with my beliefs...

Thank you Grandma with all my Heart for loving me and being YOU !

I will miss you Dearly and Remember you Always....
Enter into his Rest and be at Peace.....

Thanks for listening guys....



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