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Having been a surveyer for the NMFS and interviewed thousands of fishermen at the dock when they returned from fishing, I can say from direct questioning, that many throw back fish and not just because of restrictions.

There is a huge difference between the taste of freshly caught fish and the stuff you buy which can be more then 2 weeks old in the supermarket. There is limits on almost every fish now so it is ok to keep only what will be consumed. The days of pails of rotting snappers on the docks are over.

Think about this on your halibut responce. The US allows small chicken atlantic halibut fillets to enter this country from Canada for sale. These fish never reached breeding age but you critisize a handful of fishermen who are lucky to take a mature fish that has replaced itself many times over. The rules have to be the same all over. Total ban or so realistic limits if the fish is to come back.

Capt. Marc
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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