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If anyone is interested in buying prints of various fish, check out my Face Book page.
Gyotaku By George
If you do not understand what Gyotaku is, I will give a short description here.
I take real fish and apply a paint to them. I then put a sheet of rice or mulberry paper or a similar type of paper on top of the fish. I rub the paper to get the paint to come off of the fish and be on the paper. I then take that impression and add details and various color to make the fish look realistic. I may have had five or so prints come off of one fish before it started to lose it's coldness. I then stop doing prints so I can eat the fish. I also make the frames and different colored mat boards to give these a beautiful look. Go to my Face Book page and see some of the prints that I have done. Another point about my work is that every print is an original, even thought I may have made a few prints off of the same fish. Each print looks slightly different when it comes off of the fish.
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