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Went with GailforceII to south louisiana for a tuna weekend in the gulf. Got there thursday night. We fished the oil rigs on friday and saw tuna life like no other place ive been. I alone caught 5 Yellowfin (2 keppers) up to 30# on top water poppers, and 2 blackfin both keepers up to just under 30# on butterfly jigs. GailforceII hit a nice blackfin at probably 40 plus pounds also on the jigs. We ended up with 10 take home fish and fought over 20 fish.
When we got back to the lodge we were told we had to evacuate. There went our sunday charter.
We decided were not gonna end the trip like that, so we decided to drive back to NY (all airports out there were closed). Pointed to a spot on the map that looked nice for fishing on the way home. So we stopped at Isle of Palms South Carolina. The place was awesome, took a back country charter out. We ended up with some small trout, redfish, and probably the 2 most fun parts of that trip was he took us sight fishing, got out the boat on this grassy area as soon as the incoming started and we were walking around looking for the redfish until the water got to our knees and you coudnt see their tails sticking out anymore, got back into the boat anchored up and fished for Lemon and blacktip sharks. Those were just some unreal fights on really light tackle. Got one 6-7 foot lemon almost to the boat before the line snapped, peeled drag for almost 3 minutes straight with my drag on my shimano sustain pretty much locked down, the power of that lemon shark was awesome.

Both of these places were awesome to fish. Buras/Venice Louisana and Isle of Palms South Carolina both have my vote as top fishing destinations. Fishing in the SC islands was like fishing in a postcard.

Will post some pics later, we were lazy when it came to that but we still got a few.

States we drove through
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virgina, DC, Maryland, Delaware, Jersey and back to NY.. Also got to fish 2 different coastlines in a weekend. What a great experience.
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