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fishchaser23 wrote:
Not sure if I can link to it, but i was thinking about picking up some of the GULP! minnows/mullet to use for fluke. Anybody have any luck with those things? They're on sale for like half price in the Cabela's Bargain cave.

I cant vouch for them with northern fluke but i can tell you that Ive yet to see a fish down south that will not inhale a gulp shrimp or minnow. The best part is most of the time u can reuse them over and over. We have filled a cooler with snapper , grunt and grouper with 1 bag of gulp shrimp. Redfish and speckled trout (weakfish imho) also bolth inhale them. The southern flounder which are pretty much fluke also inhale them.

I would say gulps have out performed cut squid even live shrimp on my 3 boats in FL. For several reasons. Aside form them working like black magic they hold up REALLY well to bait stealers and down there if u feel tap tap u just got robbed. not the case on the gulps at all which is great. Heck ive been down to a 1/4 piece of our past gulp shrimp and caught 4 more fish with it!

Since theese expierences I now carry 1 flat plastic tackle box of gulp shimp in grey and penny and one flat of gulp minnows in my soft sided tackle bag.

They also make a flat strip bait (i use this in place of cut squid) Even the tanish white bone color of it is accurate and its tough stuff.

The definate key ive found tho is the color. When we arrive on a spot we will fish our 2 most popular colors and all switch to which ever is producing. Ive even seen this trend change multiple times on one reef over a 4-5 hr period. Gulps DO dry up like beer jerkey so be sure to keep them well sealed and stored!
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