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Here are the new Gulf of Maine Cod regulations, effective May 1st. Most of the parties to the law suit reached a mediated agreement lat last Friday and Judge Kessler has accepted it. The entire mediated FMP should be published by the Court and available to all parties by late today or tomorrow, April 16th.

May June and July
Private Recreational vessels ? cod minimum size to 23 inches

Decrease the bag (possession) limit for cod to 10 fish

Charter and Party Vessels ?
Increase the cod minimum size limit to 23 inches

Require vessels intending to charter/party fish in the inshore GOM rolling closure areas to declare into the charter/party fishery for duration of the action Creel limit 10 fish in GOM

As of August 1, 2002
Recreational measures - all areas Private Recreational Vessels Increase cod/haddock fish size to 23".
10 cod/haddock creel limit, except 5 cod creel limit in Gulf of Maine during Dec. 1 - Mar. 31.

Party/Charter Vessels

· Increase cod/haddock fish size to 23" for vessels not on a DAS.

· Ten- cod/haddock creel limit Gulf of Maine Apr. 1 thru Nov. 30.

· 5 cod creel limit Gulf of Maine Dec. 1 - Mar. 31.

Vessels intending to charter/party fish in the Gulf of Maine closed areas must declare into charter/party fishery for the duration of the closure or for three months whichever is greater.

We are very fortunate that Rec, Party & Charterboats are not to be banned from the closed areas at this time. Lest we get too complacent about it, the big green environmental groups who were party to the lawsuit have pledged to close those areas to all under amendment 13.
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