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1st, I would recommend a Daiwa Emblem XA model X5500A. It got 4 BB and 290/20lbs. gear ratio is 5:1. Good for casting lures and can hold heavier line. Good drag system. Cost about $145. It is worth it for me because I didnt lose any big stripers on it yet. I can let the fish run half way to Long Island and not worry about the end of line. Just a sarcastic expression. Weight about 24 oz. Light enough for endless casting.

2nd recommend is the Penn 8500ss and 9500ss reels. Both cost less but they got anti-reverse problems that's why they are second. Very heavy, about 26oz(8500)-32oz(9500).

3rd would be an Okuma Azul model 90. It cost about $65 and it holds 390/20lbs line. Lots of line for long casting and fighting. Got 4 BB too. Smooth drag system. Light weight about 26 oz. Affordable. :)
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