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Grouper Jigs for NC?

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After seeing the discussions re the possibility of using soft plastics for grouper, decided to give it a try on our Wilmington, NC trip 5/31 - 6/1. Here they are. Right out the Alaska halibut book. For reference, those jigheads are, from left to right, 8, 12, & 16 oz.
That ought to give them something to chew on! And I suspect the AJs will whack 'em too!


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Why would Gold Hammered Diamond jigs be more perffered over Chrome...Does it really matter....

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Well that seems to be my problem!!! all they had today were chrome.I am scheduled on a 24hr grouper trip fri to sat.So we'll see how they work out. Ken has been killing the Scamp grouper with the Gold and he is out of town for the week so I cant get a hold of the gold. Iam trying to put a trip together with him for the last two weekends in August. I got one all ready. Keep it in mind if you wanna come down
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