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Grouper Fishing

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I live in Jersey, and my father just went grouper fishing off North Carolina. He described the experience as amazing and would love to go again sometime soon. However, the roundtrip is around 19 hours to the site of fishing. Are there any other closer areas where we can go grouper fishing? Thanks.
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I own and operate Swell Rider Sportfishing out of Atlantic Beach, NC.
The fishing along the southern NC coast is some of the best on the east coast. being from Long Island were I grew up in thge fishing business bottom fishing has always been my favorite type of fishing. Down here is hands down some of the best. If you get the chance to get down here it's worth the trip. Most of my clients are from NY/NJ. I run open party trips all season so it's a good way to get in on the action. Capt. Ken Mullen

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