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What's everyone's take on the green water offshore this year. Been fishing offshore of Shinne**** for last 15 years and have never seen it so bad. Seems to stretch all the way to the edge. Threshers don't seem to mind, but the rest of the pelagics (shark & tuna) for the most part stay clear. Any thoughts on why, and is relief in sight....
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I have also found this green water and at some high temps(76).I have been to the Mud Hole in September and not had temps over 74.It is`nt even August yet.I have heard that the green water stretches out to the Hudson Canyon.I really hope this does`nt hurt the fishing there.The latest news I heard from the Hudson Canyon was`nt good.Hopefully the best is yet to come.
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I have heard that if you go to where they are pumping sand for the beach project that some big sharks forage around these areas.I do not know what beaches are being done but if you can find out I would try around there for sharks.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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