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Hi Neil I had trouble opening up the private message but I'll ask you again
do you have any more of those Green blanks that you had at the Freeport
Show they made such a nice Fluke Rod
I loved using it this Summer It had such a great feel to it will you have
any of them at the Lindenhurst Flea
Market if so I'll be looking foward to Getting another 1 or 2

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Green Blank and BLEMS



I checked my stock and I am sorry to say the "green blank" you want no longer exists. They are all gone.

I will have blems and 1st qual blanks at the LFFM.

Blems are no longer being made available by most manufacturers. It was costing them $$$$ and other problems with returns etc.

Unfortunately some blems were sold as 1st quality by a few dishonest people.

If you can find good blems, you can make a very nice rod for yourself and they are an inexpensive way to start rod building.

Capt Neil
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