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Typing this from my Grandparents' house in Punta Gorda-their house is on the great canal system. So far we have caught Mutton Snapper, Gray Snapper, hybrids between these two, Lane Snapper, SeaBream,and Striped Mojarra on hook and line, and Mullet Fry, Keeltail Needlefish, Hatchetfish (!
) Gulf Menhaden, and Western Mosquitofish in nets. I have seen Mullet, Sheepshead. All of a sudden this morning, the surface across the canal boiled as the water erupted in a huge feeding frenzy so hard that we could smell fish in the air.
I assumed that they were Bluefish, but they got closer and I noticed that they were Jacks about a foot and a half long. They wouldn't take a shrimp segment, so what can I use? We have really light tackle but relatively durable line. What lure or deadbait can I use? What kind of fight can I expect? How can I fight them? I'm using a chumming tequnique that I got from this site- I put a few dead shrimp in a sock, stepped on it, and hung it over. I have heard that Jacks are attracted to BUBBLES! How can I get bubbles into the water?
thanks, CUL8TR

update: The Snapper were actually young Dogtooth Snapper in different color phases.

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