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In just a few short days this became my favorite forum.I spent alot of time in the Boating and Offshore forums which I enjoyed but had a few problems.To many PROS reading from a book or off the computor,kinda trying to impress you with all the looked up facts that they find and dazzle you with.But from what I have seen here is real fishing experience.Lots of years of it too.Thats what I'm after.These guys fish not just b.s. Their hands smell like bait.(LOL)They are the kind of guys you learn things from to catch fish and not just go fishing.Thanks guys,looking foward to future posts.Keep up the good work.
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Paulie and Megalodon...both Togmaster and myself appreciate posts like this!

We want to put up topics on this forum that you never have or rarely seen or
heard about before. Its the type of topics that will improve both your fishing skills, but also give you some background on where it came from. Simple things like cutting tubing, or use lighter wire leader hooks to catch bluefish when the bite is picky, is the type of topics we will bring up. We want to give you pics on many of the things we are talking about. The snafu rig setup was one we will definitly post on soon! One last thing i always enjoyed is stories about the past and what brought about the techniques we use today. One that i will be working on, is the diamond jig. Many people take this lure for granted, but it is the most important lure in our tackle
box. And i am fortunate to know the fellow who is a great friend of mine,
that is instrumental in developing many of the techniques we use today....stay tuned!

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