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Sailfish have been pouring through the Jupiter and Palm Beach area as if the were on a mission from God. The middle of last week was incredible. Most boats had double-digit releases. Trolling and live baiting were producing equally well.

Unfortunately, the warm weather has seemed to have a negative effect on the feeding habits. Over the weekend, the same boats who had multiple fish days, struggled to raise a fish. I'm sure the next cold front will put them back in the feeding mood. Typically, sailfishing will edd and flow with the weather, so I wouldn't be discouraged if you missed the bite.

Not much going on offshore. There have been reports of dolphin and wahoo catches but not in great numbers. I would concentrate my efforts from 100 to 220 feet. Listen to the radio, if you hear conditions are favorable for fishing further offshore, go to it.

Kingfish have been very scattered, those sailfishing will encounter larger ones chewing up expensive sail baits, but it's been tough to target them specifically.

Spanish mackerel are still thick up at Peck's Lake. If just bending a rod and eating good works for you, this just about a sure thing.
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