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Grass Shrimp

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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Fresh Or Fresh Frozen Grass Shrimp

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I ve never noticed anyone selling grass shrimp. I have seen small jigs that look like grass shrimp, good for Flounder & bay fluke
you have to catch them yourself

Bill Sullivan
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Nor'east Saltwater
Hi Eddief And LeDaAnnIV, Thanks for the response. I used to Get them from a lobsterman in the Western L.I. Sound ,But Since Lobstering Does Not Exist Down Here They Are hard To Get. I Thought Maybe Someone New Of A Tackle Shop Or Even A Sea Food Supplier Where I Could Buy Them.
Thanks Again

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den my friend bob wardell used to buy them by
the pint down in south jersey when they fished weeks in delaware bay i would call tackle shops down there i see a report that there are a load of them in qouque canal maybe you can net them?
bob used to say this was the best way to catch weeks using grass shrimp for chum gvisko
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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