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Grappling Hook / Mighty Mite anchoring in Sandy Hook / Rockaway reef

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I'm preparing my gear change for when fluke closes (jesus christmas only 4 weeks +/- left).

I have a few questions for those that anchor these reefs with grappling hooks (I am unfamiliar with grappling techniques, traditional anchoring on SH Reef is russian roulette trying to find sand between the rubble piles):

#1) How much chain are you using on your grappling hook/might mite?

#2) How much scope are you using? I would think you would want as little scope as possible to keep the boat on the peice that the anchor is in, correct? Almost a 1:1 Scope?

#3) If you get the anchor in the peice, are you tying it off on the bow bit/cleat and backing down on it to bend the tine?

I am committed to not lose another hi tensile anchor and 30' of hi test chain this year. To **** with the windlass I'll pull the damned anchor by hand if i have to.
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I found this when searching for wreck anchors.............

One of the cheapest alternatives is to get some #3 (3/
rebar and bend up 4 or 5 lengths into a grapple hooks and bend and weld an eye into each end.........then weld the hooks 2gether, add rope or chain. Connect to bottom eye and zip tie it to top eye.

"The chain attaches to the bottom and the zip ties just keep the chain pulling from the front like a guide. In other words when its being pulled straight along the shank its really being pulled from the base of the tines. If it won't come up just pull it at an angle to the shaft (go over it and pull in the opposite direction of the drift you had and pop the tie and pull it up backwards.

If you can't get it out, the tines will bend fairly easy when you power out.
.....if not, not a big loss

...........and another cheapy wreck anchor that works well is simply rebar, pvc pipe and cement with the same chain setup...........


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