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Grappling Hook / Mighty Mite anchoring in Sandy Hook / Rockaway reef

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I'm preparing my gear change for when fluke closes (jesus christmas only 4 weeks +/- left).

I have a few questions for those that anchor these reefs with grappling hooks (I am unfamiliar with grappling techniques, traditional anchoring on SH Reef is russian roulette trying to find sand between the rubble piles):

#1) How much chain are you using on your grappling hook/might mite?

#2) How much scope are you using? I would think you would want as little scope as possible to keep the boat on the peice that the anchor is in, correct? Almost a 1:1 Scope?

#3) If you get the anchor in the peice, are you tying it off on the bow bit/cleat and backing down on it to bend the tine?

I am committed to not lose another hi tensile anchor and 30' of hi test chain this year. To **** with the windlass I'll pull the damned anchor by hand if i have to.
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Hey Capt. Jimmy, Tog on your mind already? I like that. The sandy hook reef is one of the few places where I like to use a grapling anchor as my main anchor. I wound not want to donate one of my mains to that evil bottom. I like to use a 6' length of chain. As far as scope, it depends on how much current/wind you have. If calm, you can get by with a small amount of scope. If alot of current, which seems to be the case most of the time, I go with a 3 to 1 scope. There is usually a big fleet of boats over there during tog season and the last thing you want to happen is have the grapple pull out in a crowd. When its time to go home, if the grapple won't come out when trying straight up and down, I will try to force (bend) it out by going in reverse with the line tied off to my foward cleat (my strongest cleat). Depending on your boat, if you have a strong cleat amidships, you can try to bend out the anchor by going foward too (not the preferred method for my boat). For the guys who have pulpits, I would not want to put a big strain on that, as you can cause damage from the strain. Another thing not to do is try to pull the anchor out with the line tied to a stern cleat. This could pull the stern down and possibly sink/swamp a small boat. Not a bad idea to bring 2 grappling anchor set ups when going to the SH reef especially if you have to take a ride to get there. Even the wreck anchors won't come out sometimes.

Good Luck,
Capt. Rick
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