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Got another blank

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Hey Capt Neil,

I've got myself another rod. This one is a 9 footer. It was originally 7 or 7.5 feet but the person who threw it out added some length with a metal pipe.

It appears to be a yellow E-glass rod. It's not a heavy stick. It's got a fast tip that goes into a moderate bend.

The problem is, the guy before me had double foot guides on it and to cover the epoxy stains, I'll have to go with them. I plan on using a 6500 Nautil sized reel on this rod with 30lb Powerpro.

What size/style/placement of guides would you go with? I have Dale Clemen's book but I don't know if his stuff is up to date? What do you think?
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I do a rod like this every few decades. Are you keeping the metal pipe? Sounds heavy. If you were to saw off the metal pipe, put on a cork tape butt, tape the reel to the cork tape, and wrap 4 guides, you could be done by the end of the weekend. Quick and dirty looks good in surf rods. Ton of Montauk guys strapping VS's to a rod that is all plain black thread and electrical tape. Makes you look "extreme" :) The standard in guides seems to be Fuji Hardloy, but you could use anything, and just redo it if you don't like it. If you don't know that it is a good blank for your needs, why invest a ton of effort/$ into it unless you are into rod building.

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