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This is a very good cause, so I wanted to pass along to you guys. Research is key to bluefin management and so if you care about the fishery this is something you should get involved in!

Dr. Molly Lutcavage and her large pelagic tagging program have been in the forefront of research programs devoted to scientific inquiry into the life cycle of Giant Bluefin Tuna. For almost twenty years she has devoted her time and effort to solving the riddles of their migration patterns, spawning areas and daily life activities.

Unfortunately, the funding by her usual sources has been reduced considerably, and it has become necessary for her and her many friends to raise the funds necessary to continue her work. It is imperative that Dr. Lutcavage?s work continue. Richard Burgess, of RockOn Products, suggested to me that we have a tournament in the hopes of revitalizing the declining interest in tuna fishing. I suggested combining the two issues.

To this end, The North Shore Community Tuna Association along with RockOn Products have proposed a "Tag-a-Tiny" Tuna Tournament. This would help raise funds for Dr. Lutcavage, and assist her in her current efforts in researching movements of the juvenile Bluefin Tuna now frequenting our coast.

Tournament Information

1. A three day tagging tournament, the last full weekend of August (21st -24th)

* Thursday 8.21.08: Captain?s meeting that evening
* Friday 8.22.08: Sunday 8.24.08: Fishing Tournament takes place
* Friday 8.22.08: Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament that evening
* Sunday 8.24.08: Buffet and wrap-up from 4-7 pm

2. A ?no-kill? tournament that includes:

* Prizes to be awarded in three boat categories with encouragement for tag and release
* Number of qualified tag and releases will determine the three winners in each category
* Digital date/time photo for verification must be available to the judges in the event of a dispute
* Decision of the judges is final and irrefutable
* Anglers may kill fish (IAW NMFS regulations), but only giants killed and entered with a dealers authenticated Net Weight slip will be considered for the ?Largest Fish? Category

3. Boats will receive a "Tournament kit" with t-shirts, tagging kit, merchandise rebate certificates, meal tickets, and other giveaways by sponsors.

Event Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors who will not only provide funds, but any other support deemed useful to accomplish our objectives. Preferably one sponsor for each venue event (prices to be determined), and many others with donated merchandise or funds.

Download a registration form

If you are interested please contact Mark Godfried
(e) [email protected] (p) (97

(Thats an eight , not sure why they put a smile face there instead...)

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