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I love to see guys in 30 footers and up who haven't a clue what to do with their vessel.Most of these guys figure that it s just like driving a car.They probably start by looking for the brakes

Last Sunday June 2-I was out at ceder beach when out of nowhere(isn't it always that way) the wind picked up to 20 and the waves were 3ft and up. It was white knuckles getting around Old Field and Cranes point back to StomyBrook.Anyway a guy gets on channel 9 and is frantic-Help-Help anybody.His signal keeps om breaking up (almost like a movie).The guy is in sheer panic.Well, sea tow and the cg try to get a position on him,but he doesn.t know where he is.He keeps on saying Old Field point but I had just past there and not a soul was there.Finally he says he sees Cruise liners passing(PJ ferries) and they locate him around Mt. Sinai in a 38 ft. Searay under power but taking a pounding broadside by 5 footers.They told him many times to switch to 16 but he couldn't even figure his radio out.If you heard this guy on the radio you would swear he was sinking.I later found out that no sooner did they get this guy into PJ that he wanted to go out again

Anyway just had to get this off my chest.This was the perfect situation to warrant mandatory boating courses to make the waters safer for us and them

Oh buy the way- there were 16 ft. Caraftis skiffs fishing through all of this-go figure
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