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Gimme The Basics

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Well I just picked up my going away/mid life retirement gift from the guys at work, a Shimano Calcutta 700s and a St.Croix 10'6" SC106H2. They told me to get something to remeber them buy and not to worry about the price (within reason). Thanx Guys!!

Now to the question. Any suggestions on casting technique. I've always used spining reels and never really gave the convetional reels a chance. An old timer told me to get a tennis ball, cut a small x in it, then insert a weight that was tied to my line this way I could practice in the neighborhood park. What do you guys think. Any info would help. THANX.
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xpresean: im no expert but ill try and help you a bit on casting conventionals. First the is a little nob on the side of the reel which will tighten the spool so you can get the hang of casting(brake). Play with it a bit and play with the spool a bit so it slowes the spool down. I dont know the action of the rod, but it says its good for 8oz or so. So I would start with just 5-6 oz a lead, 25-30lb test(MONO ONLY-no fireline or powerpro yet) and just pratice casting. No shock leader needed yet. Just practice. Leave about 3-4 foot of line and in one fluid stroke, let it fly...NOT TOO HARD, until you get that fluid motion you will get backlashes and you will like having that big line on to pick out, alot easier then 15-20lb what you will normally be fishing later.

Once you get the hang of 10-15 cast without backlashing, loosen the brake a bit, and go again. Keep doing this and ad some muscle to the casting as you go along and get used to the feel of the reel. You want to know before hand to stop a backlash. Use your thumb either on the line, or side of the spool, to slow the spool down a bit so the backlash doesnt happen as bad as it could. Backlashes happen, but try to minimize it to keep on fishing is the main thing. And then there are times you just got to cut it and respool. Just be ready. Whats the sence of spending 2 hrs picking out a lash, while guys are fishing?

Once you get that fluid motion down you can then work your way up to maximizing your casts with shock leaders, bait, and lead. Just get the hang of it, and when you feel everything is right put a hook on and a chuck and let it fly. And dont get too ****y!!!
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