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Getting to Moriches and Fire Island via Shinne****?

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Would anyone know if it's a hassle to get to Moriches Bay from the Peconic via the Shinne**** Canal? I'm looking at the charts and it seems to be not TOO bad as long as you stick to the channel. We are keeping our boat out on the East End for the first time, in the Peconic Bay area, and so everything is new to me. Thanks for any input.
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Thanks Doctorfish, I wanted to know because I'd like to be able to do a little fishing in GSB, maybe go to Fire Ilsand, and my husband and kids wanted to look for sea horses. :)
BTW, I sent you a message regarding sea horses, but I don't know if you received it, or whether you can respond to me via email, but if you have any information on where we could find the sea horses that would be great. We maintain two tropical tanks - one is dedicated strictly to sea horses - and we would like to see the local variety of sea horses here.
My email address is [email protected]
Thanks for your help:)

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Thanks LI Sparky. I ran down to Shinne**** bay over the weekend, through the canal, from the Peconic Bay, but did not venture past the Ponquogue Bridge. It was a nice little run. Maybe this weekend we'll venture past the Bridge toward the Quogue Canal. It looks like a very narrow little canal. Also, I can see by the charts that Moriches gets real shallow as you continue to head west toward Fire Island, over by the Coast Guard station, as you mentioned in your post. I imagine that the best time to get in and out of there must be as close to high tide as possible?

Is there any decent fishing in the Shinne**** Bay at all? I didn't see anyone fishing....
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